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Performance and High Availability with MySQL Cluster

MySQL is used more and more often in business critical applications. If you have to process a huge amount of data in short time and High Availability is a requirement a simple Master/Slave replication is not sufficient anymore.

To close this gap, MySQL Cluster is made for unless you do it right. But this high performance tool has also its rough edges. In this course you will get an overview about the different High Availability solutions of MySQL. And you will learn, how a MySQL Cluster is set-up and operated correctly and what he does not like very much.

The whole is first covered in theory and then we exercise the most important steps together in practice.


We have sorted out this course. Please contact us, if you are interested in the topic. We'll then try to create an offer for you.


Unfortunately we currently can't offer any reservation dates. If you're interested in the topic, please send us a note to

prerequisites for attending

The participants should be used in using the Linux console and cope with the most important UNIX commands.

Further the participants should be already familiar with MySQL and the SQL language. For this please have a look at the contents of the courses MySQL and SQL.

If you feel uncertain on this point, we look forward to assist you via email or phone * (call +49-201 8536-600 on weekdays between 9-17 hours to reach Martin Gerwinski or Laura Trinowitz) .

Course contents

Short overview over MySQL architectures

MySQL Cluster basics

Installation and Configuration

Operating a MySQL Cluster

Disaster Handling

MySQL Cluster Internals

Advanced MySQL Cluster techniques

MySQL Cluster New Features 7.2

Course schedule

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