Programming in Perl

Perl is the universally applicalble script language: From system administration through web administration up to computational biology.

We will show you the power of perl: From the clever integration of regular expressions in its syntax to object oriented programming. Aided by practical examples you will be able to write simple programs with graphical interface and database connection by the end of the week.

Trainer und Dozenten

Ingo Wichmann is an ardent Perl programmer and has been applying Perl in projects ranging from system administration to payroll accounting.

Martin "Joey" Schulze is a member of the Debian security team and uses Perl for recurring tasks up to user applications with graphical interfaces.


The training course "Programming in Perl" is directed towards experienced computer users and administrators. Participants should be familiar with the use of a text editor and creating directories. They should be able to execute programs via the command line. Programming experience in other languages will be useful but is a prerequisite.


The "Hello World"-program in Perl

Data structures I

  • Scalars
  • Lists


  • Definition
  • Parameter passing

In- and Output

  • Data streams
  • Files

Data structurecs II

  • Hashes

Regular expressions and text processing

  • Syntax of regular expressions in Perl
  • Imbedding into the programming language

Data structurecs III

  • References
  • Nested data structures


  • Namespaces>
  • Writing your own modules
  • Installing Perl modules from the CPAN

Object-oriented programming

  • Basic concepts

  • Example of use

Connecting to a database with Perl-DBI

Graphical interfaces