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amavis against spam & viruses

Email for advanced learners

Email is an indispensable part of corporate communication. If you want to rely on email in a professional context, you will want to keep out spam, viruses and other kinds of unwanted content while still sending and receiving email without hindrance. The standard settings of Postfix, amavis (amavisd-new) and SpamAssassin are practical but do not account for individual requirements of performance and throughput.

During this training course, postmasters will learn how to operate email services professionally. You will get to know which possibilities you have in order to run email service in a stable, highly availalble and secure way and which system architecture will suit your individual requirements optimally.

After a week of concentrated practice training, conducted by email expert Patrick Ben Koetter, you will be able to judge against the background of spam hysteria, which hardware you (do not) need, how to filter incoming mail traffic optimally according to your requirements, absorb load peaks and also how to get your outgoing mail traffic delivered reliably.


We have sorted out this course. Please contact us, if you are interested in the topic. We'll then try to create an offer for you.


Unfortunately we currently can't offer any reservation dates. If you're interested in the topic, please send us a note to

prerequisites for attending

Prerequisites are thorough understanding of mail servers comparable to the level of our Postfix mail server training as well as basic knowledge of Linux network administration comparable to the level of our Advanced Linux administration training.

If you feel uncertain on this point, we look forward to assist you via email or phone * (call +49-201 8536-600 on weekdays between 9-17 hours to reach Martin Gerwinski or Laura Trinowitz) .

Course contents

Position reckoning

Viruses, spam & co revisited

Filtering methods

Efficient email policy design

Correct sizing

Connection filter

SMTP session filter

Content filter

Amavisd-new in practice

Content filter "SpamAssassin"



Course schedule

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