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Configuring a mail server is not actually difficult, but it takes a little bit more than inserting an installation CD anyway. Luckily, there is Postfix, because since this SMTP server - created by award-winning programmer Wietse Venema - entered the market, you may ask yourself why others do make email so difficult.

At the end of an engaging and diversified week, you understand how email works, master the different varieties of mail transport, control email at your will with Postfix and expertly defeat spam and co.

Your trainer will be Patrick Ben Koetter, who will not only teach you the tricks of the trade, but also is going to show to you how to break your dependence on Closed Source and expensive support by ways of Postfix and the right know-how.


We have sorted out this course. Please contact us, if you are interested in the topic. We'll then try to create an offer for you.


Unfortunately we currently can't offer any reservation dates. If you're interested in the topic, please send us a note to

prerequisites for attending

Prerequisite is basic knowledge of Linux network administration comparable to the level of our Advanced Linux administration training:

Existing experience with Linux servers would be beneficial.

If you feel uncertain on this point, we look forward to assist you via email or phone * (call +49-201 8536-600 on weekdays between 9-17 hours to reach Martin Gerwinski or Laura Trinowitz) .

Course contents

HELO World


Mail transport 101

Tools, tools, tools

Maps (Tables)

Transport Policies

Transport II

Spam and viruses

Connection policies

SMTP session policies

  • Internal checkups
  • Filtering conforming to law with amavisd-new

Combined SMTP session and content policies

  • What are milters?
  • DKIM signatures

Legal requirements

  • Content and content are not the same!
  • Organisational concern vs. informational self-determination
  • Dos, dont's and must nots for postmasters
  • Employers in a predicament

Encrypted communication

  • Classic TLS errors
  • How can Postfix make use of TLS?
  • Postfix TLS configuration

Transport III

  • Virtual domains in an ISP's environment

Dovecot (POP3-/IMAP server)

  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • Base configuration

Mail server

  • Managing Postfix with LDAP
  • Managing Dovecot with LDAP
  • Dovecot SASL

SMTP gateway

  • Relay Domains
  • Routing with failover
  • Automatizing mailing lists
  • A bag of tricks for RFC-conforming gatewaying

Wrapping up

  • Questions left?
  • Evaluation of the seminar

Course schedule

  • Early arrival is possible on the eve of the first seminar day until 10 p.m. The fireplace room and the garden already invite to a cosy round of shop talk.
  • The daily schedule runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (including two coffeebreaks and lunch break), consisting of approximately 60% of instructions and 40% of exercises. Needless to say that every participant works with the notebook computer we provide him, often in step with the tutor.
  • After that, it's time for dinner and various offerings like shop talks, excursions et cetera. We aim at creating an ambience for a relaxed exchange among experts. If you'd like more to have a bit of privacy, nothing's compulsory here.
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