LPI level 1

exam preparation

The contents of this training will be defined by the knowledge gaps of the participants. Our LPI prep course is directed at Linux-experienced persons aiming to close their professional knowledge gaps without wasting time on having to listen to known subjects again.

Therefore, our LPI prep courses are a combination of cost-effective group training and personal instruction. The training course is not completely arranged for you only, but you also do pay only a fraction of the cost of a personal tutor. The concept of this LPI training, based on knowledge gaps, adapts itself automatically to difficult topics. In view of an already Linux-skilled target group, we believe this approach to be far more effective than a rigidly fixed agenda:

  1. Knowledge gaps automatically constitute the course's agenda but according to experience, most participants have common gaps. Although these requirements are subject to constant change, our tutors are competent enough to adapt to them.
  2. Known subjects automatically will not be trained, leaving more time for difficult topics.


You should be acquainted with the topics covered in our Linux admin basics training.


Consecutively, a list of LPIC 1 topics and their weighting - LPIC-1 Objectives V5.0:

Objectives: Exam 101

  • Topic 101: System Architecture
    • Determine and configure hardware settings
    • Boot the system
    • Change runlevels / boot targets and shutdown or reboot system
  • Topic 102: Linux Installation and Package Management
    • Design hard disk layout
    • Install a boot manager
    • Manage shared libraries
    • Use Debian package management
    • Use RPM and YUM package management
    • Linux as a virtualization guest
  • Topic 103: GNU and Unix Commands
    • Work on the command line
    • Process text streams using filters
    • Perform basic file management
    • Use streams, pipes and redirects
    • Create, monitor and kill processes
    • Modify process execution priorities
    • Search text files using regular expressions
    • Basic file editing
  • Tpoic 104: Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
    • Create partitions and filesystems
    • Maintain the integrity of filesystems
    • Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems
    • Removed
    • Manage file permissions and ownership
    • Create and change hard and symbolic links
    • Find system files and place files in the correct location

Objectives: Exam 102

  • Topic 105: Shells and Shell Scripting
    • Customize and use the shell environment
    • Customize or write simple scripts
  • Topic 106: User Interfaces and Desktops
    • Install and configure X11
    • Graphical Desktops
    • Accessibility
  • Topic 107: Administrative Tasks
    • Manage user and group accounts and related system files
    • Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs
    • Localisation and internationalisation
  • Topic 108: Essential System Services
    • Maintain system time
    • System logging
    • Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) basics
    • Manage printers and printing
  • Topic 109: Networking Fundamentals
    • Fundamentals of internet protocols
    • Persistent network configuration
    • Basic network troubleshooting
    • Configure client side DNS
  • Topic 110: Security
    • Perform security administration tasks
    • Setup host security
    • Securing data with encryption


In order to achieve the LPIC 1 certification, you will have to pass two exams: 101 and 102. If you are interested in completing the exams LPIC-1 101 and/or LPIC-1 102 directly after the trainig course at the Linuxhotel, we kindly ask you for your registration not later than three weeks previous to the training course, as the Linux Professional Institute will require this preliminary lead time! One exam will cost 145 Euro plus VAT.

Please notify us upon registration whether you would like to take the exam in german or english language. A personal LPI-ID, which you can obtain here will be a prerequisite.

With us, the exam will be administered on paper forms and not with a PC like in VUE und Prometric test centers. Therefore, the evaluation will take several days (and, in some cases even weeks).

At some events, the LPI is offering exams at reduced prices. You will find an overview of the upcoming schedules here.


Wer möchte, reist bis 22 Uhr am Vortag an und nutzt den Abend bereits zum Fachsimpeln am Kamin oder im Park.

An den Kurstagen dann von 9-18 Uhr (mit 2 Kaffee- und 1 Mittagspause) etwa 60% Schulungen und 40% Übungen. Selbstverständlich arbeitet jeder Teilnehmer am von uns gestellten Notebook oft parallel zum Referenten mit.

Anschließend Abendessen und Angebote für Fachsimpeln, Ausflüge uvm. Wir schaffen eine Atmosphäre, in der Fachleute sich ungezwungen austauschen. Wer das nicht will, wird zu nichts gezwungen und findet auch jederzeit Ruhe.